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So any text posts coming up in the near furure? :)

Hello, anon.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA for you.  I realize we’re paused in a rather awkward spot, narrative-wise, but you should just imagine that time is frozen for both Texts and FYSS (hence the lack of updates from him as well).  In between narrative kinks and Chelsea’s x-treme junior year of college, we don’t have hours and hours of time to do things right now.  But it’ll come.

Had the misfortune to be listening to Daniel Knox's Lovescene while reading the latest of texts and am now in floods of tears. You write unrequited love and the complexities of Sherlock's psyche so damn well, and you're so good at creating these... tidal waves of emotion that hit you suddenly and ferociously from something as simple but clever in a change of narrative pov. I am constantly and consistently in awe of your grasp on writing and on sherlock and well, everything, really.

I’ve been holding onto that draft of an ask for ages but have been too shy and dumb to send it, but even if it’s stuff I’m certain you’ve already heard a lot, it’s just something I’ve been in awe of for a long time. Tbqh I would read anything you’ve written over most published/successful authors/writers and im gushing now so I’ll stop pffffft. Just. Idk. Your writing and Chel’s writing is so important to me, and I’m so so lucky to have experienced it!

Believe me, your comment is very important to me.  Thank you for sending it, and for taking the time to read what we’ve written.  Our readership is the best.

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s4 headcanon: chelsea and seth are hired to write john/irene and sherlock. everything is perfect


*pulls off face to reveal STEVEN MOFFAT’S FACE*

Yes, you caught us. It’s true, we’ve been saving the quality plots for the internet and test-driving them on you. Now that we know they sell, we will work them into series 4. Johnlock is canon. Peace out.

Uhm, hello *waves* - I am not sure how this works exactly but I am not here to ask anything. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing texts, FYSS and even Letters because what you do, you do beautifully and brilliantly. Now after S3 more than ever do I find myself appreciating how your characters feel consistent, how they grow and evolve but also stay themselves. Your universe is rich, varied and has Hope. At this point I can safely say I enjoy it more than cannon. L

Thank you.  It makes me happy to receive comments like this.

The new flashback has been so wonderfully heartbreaking. I love how you manage to make me like your Sherlock much much better than the Sherlock in the series. It's amazing how you capture his personality AND mental state so realistically well. I love it. It hurts, but I love it.

Thank you very much.  On that note, I read a review of series 3 that perfectly captured my problems with the show’s Sherlock…

More importantly, while “His Last Vow” might close out the third season out on a more solid, dependable note than the previous episodes, it can’t do enough to correct the fact that Sherlock has lost sight of its title character.  It isn’t impossible to draw a line between “Hearse“‘s cruel manipulator, “Three“‘s sad clown, and “Vow“‘s brave child, who will do anything to protect the people he loves except tell them he loves them.

But Sherlock doesn’t seem particularly interested in drawing that line, and the tonal shifts between its three episodes, the way they each seem to take place in a subtly different world to the others, only intensifies the feeling that they also represent three different takes on the same character rather than three facets of the same person.  [x]

I feel like it’s my job to tie these Sherlocks together into one believable person.  I had to do that in series 2/Texts 1.0, too, but series 3 intensified the issue by a lot.

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I’m not one of your characters Seth why am I being tortured as well this isn’t fair

Well, uhm… that which doesn’t kill you makes your stronger?

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w h y

Torturing my characters is so much fun.

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You are utterly amazing and my only regret is that I read that right before I went to sleep, because now I feel like I've been punched in the gut. In a good way. Does that exist? Who knows. You're awesome! =]

Thank you!

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You always do such amazing job of conveying Sherlock's mental state. I want to say lots of good things about the flashback but it's rendered me inarticulate.

Thank you very much.

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I read the last flashback this morning just before I left the house and have spent more or less my entire day thinking "we're no longer on the same wavelength" and making unhappy faces at my coworkers. (The flashback was amazing; your writing and your characterization of Sherlock never disappoints. I also feel oddly privileged to have got to read your Sherlock from first (and second) person perspective)

Thank you.  It was my privilege to write it.

The flashback does give a lot of context as to why Sherlock and John have had issues gelling with each other again.  Sherlock wanted (wants) something John just can’t give him anymore.  That’s not the only reason they’re out of sync—there’s no forgetting how he faked his death and lied about it for two years—but it’s a contributing factor.  Sherlock really did think he could come back and pick up where he left off with their amazing friendship and burgeoning romance.  Delusion or not, it kept him going for two years.

The past three months have been difficult for him (for them both, of course).  Fuckyoursolarsystem provides a raw look at that.

I just read the last flashback and holy holy /shit/. That was fantastic. Marvelously done, congratulations.

Thank you.

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yeah seth! as you know I don't keep up with texts, but I read this one and it was really lovely! I'm a huge fan of the "you" tense, liked the shift, really liked the dramatic situation you set up. It was really well executed and sherlock's perception of himself was artfully well-knit. I ached for him at the end.

Thank you.  I swore to myself that I’d never write Sherlock in first or second person for various reasons, and then this happened.  It seems to have worked out.

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I really like this new flashback in texts, when I was watching series 3 sometimes John and Sherlock actually sounded like former lovers, people that drifted apart and I really like that you addressed this (plus tying everything with texts 1.0). Amazing! I can't wait for the next update! :)

Thank you.  I can only ask for everyone’s patience, because we’re a two-person operation and sometimes it isn’t feasible to update the blog every day with interludes of this magnitude.  We’ll do our best, though.

really, really adore what you did with this last flashback. the change from 2nd to 1st person and then back to 2nd at the end just about killed me. you're a master at what you do.

Thank you.  I haven’t written in second person in years, so it was fun.

"tuna and cucumber" oh, you funny person. ;)

Wow.  I didn’t intend that, but that’s pretty funny.  (Tunalock and “Cucumberbatch,” I’m guessing?)  I was looking at the menus of real restaurants in that area.  The Internet is incredible.

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