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As promised, here’s that short story about an older Sherlock.  I wrote it when I was still incredibly angry at Series 3.  It’s not a particularly happy story. No other warnings.

Goodbye, Hello

        Surprising no one, least of all himself, it’s a case that takes him away from London.

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…just the two of us against the rest of the world.

don’t get involved.

Sherlock’s knowledge Perfume

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What a very special time for me.

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sherlock & vicki

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Geoff, the gents. The loos, now, please.
It’s Greg. Why?
Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s your turn.

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why did you never feel pain ?

why did you never feel pain ?

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The new flashback has been so wonderfully heartbreaking. I love how you manage to make me like your Sherlock much much better than the Sherlock in the series. It's amazing how you capture his personality AND mental state so realistically well. I love it. It hurts, but I love it.

Thank you very much.  On that note, I read a review of series 3 that perfectly captured my problems with the show’s Sherlock…

More importantly, while “His Last Vow” might close out the third season out on a more solid, dependable note than the previous episodes, it can’t do enough to correct the fact that Sherlock has lost sight of its title character.  It isn’t impossible to draw a line between “Hearse“‘s cruel manipulator, “Three“‘s sad clown, and “Vow“‘s brave child, who will do anything to protect the people he loves except tell them he loves them.

But Sherlock doesn’t seem particularly interested in drawing that line, and the tonal shifts between its three episodes, the way they each seem to take place in a subtly different world to the others, only intensifies the feeling that they also represent three different takes on the same character rather than three facets of the same person.  [x]

I feel like it’s my job to tie these Sherlocks together into one believable person.  I had to do that in series 2/Texts 1.0, too, but series 3 intensified the issue by a lot.

YouIt’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.

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Sober vs. drunk Sherlock

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