Re: Sherlock's MBTI type. If you look closely at the cognitive functions, it is more likely that Sherlock is an ISTP. I suppose it's not important, though. I very much enjoy the texts and supplemented interludes, as well as your dedicated character studies! Eagerly awaiting more. What is your MBTI type? I think you may be an INTP or INFP.

I really don’t agree at all.  I could give you many reasons why, but off the top of my head:  ISTPs are usually defined by a thirst for adventure, whereas Sherlock (INTJ) isn’t action- or outside-oriented—only when the case calls for it.  That’s why he’ll avoid leaving the flat for days and weeks on end, and he can’t easily find ways to amuse himself.  When it comes to language/listening, an ISTP is interested in the essence of what someone says, whereas Sherlock (INTJ) is much more concerned with the details—their tone and tense switches, for example.  ISTPs are naturally more expressive, whereas INTJs have that veneer of calm—Sherlock only becomes animated when he has reason to.  There is some crossover between ISTP and INTJ, so I can see where you’d think he’s one over the other: Sherlock is still independent, a good listener, interested in figuring things out, and skilled at determining someone’s motives.  I’d encourage you to read the relevant pages at Personality Page and TypeLogic, among other sites.  If I’m wrong, then I’m still roleplaying him as an INTJ—I’ve taken these tests many times—and it works perfectly.  My original OOC discussion of his MBTI type is here.

Thank you for the compliments, though.  My MBTI type is ISTJ, and trust me when I say I’m the absolute epitome of it.  It just doesn’t come across in this setting.

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