Sherlock’s knowledge Perfume

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So any text posts coming up in the near furure? :)

Hello, anon.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA for you.  I realize we’re paused in a rather awkward spot, narrative-wise, but you should just imagine that time is frozen for both Texts and FYSS (hence the lack of updates from him as well).  In between narrative kinks and Chelsea’s x-treme junior year of college, we don’t have hours and hours of time to do things right now.  But it’ll come.

Had the misfortune to be listening to Daniel Knox's Lovescene while reading the latest of texts and am now in floods of tears. You write unrequited love and the complexities of Sherlock's psyche so damn well, and you're so good at creating these... tidal waves of emotion that hit you suddenly and ferociously from something as simple but clever in a change of narrative pov. I am constantly and consistently in awe of your grasp on writing and on sherlock and well, everything, really.

I’ve been holding onto that draft of an ask for ages but have been too shy and dumb to send it, but even if it’s stuff I’m certain you’ve already heard a lot, it’s just something I’ve been in awe of for a long time. Tbqh I would read anything you’ve written over most published/successful authors/writers and im gushing now so I’ll stop pffffft. Just. Idk. Your writing and Chel’s writing is so important to me, and I’m so so lucky to have experienced it!

Believe me, your comment is very important to me.  Thank you for sending it, and for taking the time to read what we’ve written.  Our readership is the best.

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What a very special time for me.

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s4 headcanon: chelsea and seth are hired to write john/irene and sherlock. everything is perfect


*pulls off face to reveal STEVEN MOFFAT’S FACE*

Yes, you caught us. It’s true, we’ve been saving the quality plots for the internet and test-driving them on you. Now that we know they sell, we will work them into series 4. Johnlock is canon. Peace out.

Sorry for the silence.  I am busy experiencing a second bout of soul-crushing disappointment over a piece of fiction.

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Irene goes to visit Sherlock in the hospital, disguised—she tucks up her hair into this red wig with bangs that’s realistic enough but doesn’t suit her face as well as her actual hair. Sherlock is still high on morphine, so all he can talk about is how terrible the wig is.

When she says, icily, “Yes, I missed you too,” he shuts up right quick.

sherlock & vicki

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So in the midst of this Sherlock stuff, I almost forgot that next month is the North American release of third game in the Final Fantasy XIII franchise.  Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

It’s another series that ends up an unrecognizable trainwreck by the third installment.  I still think the setting and characters have so much untapped potential.  I’ll always be a fan of the original vision of Lightning, one of my favorite characters to roleplay.

But I’d be lying if I said this AMV didn’t make me feel a little hyped.  So, for the two or three people who follow me that know what this is, I hope you enjoy it too.


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Things I’ve learned today: If I murder someone, but by some miracle they manage to revive themselves, it means I didn’t commit murder.


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"Oh no," I whisper sadly, as the Mary apologists start reblogging my flowchart.

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Geoff, the gents. The loos, now, please.
It’s Greg. Why?
Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s your turn.

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I have created a flowchart to explain why I don’t like Mary Morstan.


I have created a flowchart to explain why I don’t like Mary Morstan.